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[recent works - design project]

︎︎︎rabbit-hole 兔子洞
︎︎︎metamorphosis 变形者

︎︎︎3M studio 3M工作室
︎︎︎kudos 有赞商店

︎︎︎charper for omies ajax

[recent works - photography]

︎︎︎auxiliary line 辅助线
︎︎︎margin of error 试错空间
︎︎︎slide time 滑梯时间
︎︎︎parade 巡游
︎︎︎exit 出口
︎︎︎fractal 分形,分形
︎︎︎twdntk 不用知道的事

[not so recent]

︎︎︎dot-com 点阵
︎︎︎anti-clockwise 逆时针行者
︎︎︎grid. web. mesh. 网.网.网.
︎︎︎unfold 目之所及
︎︎︎living image 静态动图
︎︎︎a chase 追逐
︎︎︎spell casting 咒语日夜

[side b]

︎︎︎backstage 后台
︎︎︎recycle bin 回收站
︎︎︎burst in 是谁闯入

A Chase 追逐

Experimental Short Film 2021

The Five Obstructions:
1. No shot should last longer than twelve frames
2. Remake the film in any way you chose
3. Remake the film in the worst place in the world but don't   show that place onscreen; Play the main role yourself
4. Remake the film as a cartoon
5. Remake the voice-over narration



Our Obstructions:
1. Use your phone
2. NO editing software
3. It's a CHASE
4. 3min. max
5. NO original sound
6. Perform and record all new sound.
7. Use at least 5 materials, objects.
8. You have until 4PM

Following "Five Obstructions," this project showcases an ordinary person blindly pursuing "robot learning" (learning to brush teeth).
遵循Five Obstructions, 本项目展现了一位盲目追逐 “机器人学习”(学习刷牙)的普通人。