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[recent works - design project]

︎︎︎rabbit-hole 兔子洞
︎︎︎metamorphosis 变形者

︎︎︎3M studio 3M工作室
︎︎︎kudos 有赞商店

︎︎︎charper for omies ajax

[recent works - photography]

︎︎︎auxiliary line 辅助线
︎︎︎margin of error 试错空间
︎︎︎slide time 滑梯时间
︎︎︎parade 巡游
︎︎︎exit 出口
︎︎︎fractal 分形,分形
︎︎︎twdntk 不用知道的事

[not so recent]

︎︎︎dot-com 点阵
︎︎︎anti-clockwise 逆时针行者
︎︎︎grid. web. mesh. 网.网.网.
︎︎︎unfold 目之所及
︎︎︎living image 静态动图
︎︎︎a chase 追逐
︎︎︎spell casting 咒语日夜

[side b]

︎︎︎backstage 后台
︎︎︎recycle bin 回收站
︎︎︎burst in 是谁闯入

Grid. Web. Mesh.

Individual Project

*social criticism
*typeface experiment


The project emerges as a perceptive reflection on our digital society, prompted by our growing enthrallment with media and its addictive environment. In a world where the boundary between our authentic selves and projected personas is increasingly blurred, it is paramount to critically question the growing dominance of our image-based culture. This spectacle, as painted by Guy Debord in 'Society of the Spectacle', has objectified our perspectives and hypnotized our lifestyles.

此项目起源于我对数字社会的反思。我们身处一个对媒体上瘾的社会环境,一个我们真实的自我和投影的形象之间的界限日益模糊的世界中。本项目批判性地质疑着我们基于图像、表面去判断的文化。正如Guy Debord在《景观社会》中所描述的,这一现象使我们的观点物化并催眠了我们的生活方式。

Our reality, increasingly perceived through images alone, elevates sight as our primary sense, a trend accelerated by our attempts to fit into societal labels. We strive to personify 'knowledgeable' or 'arty' through the books we hold or the social posts we share, entrapping ourselves in a cycle of duplication. In a world where many of us seek to achieve an ideal life as defined by societal norms, we unknowingly enter the sphere of a second-hand existence.



This project serves not as a warning but as an awakening call to those unwittingly living the 'copy-paste' life. Through typographic design exhibited in a poster format, it uncovers the patterns of mimicking and self-labelling, blending geometry, depth, linear perspective, and optical illusion. It encourages the audience to practice self-questioning and discover their authentic selves, even as we acknowledge that the tendency to mimic may never end.

这个项目不是一个警告,而是一次为了唤醒那些无意中过着 “复制 - 粘贴” 生活的人的呼唤。通过字体设计,揭示了一种模仿和自我标签的形式,字体中融合了几何、纵深、线性透视和视错。它鼓励观众进行自我质疑,并发现他们真正的自我,即使我们承认这种 “模仿的倾向” 可能永远不会结束。