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[recent works - design project]

︎︎︎rabbit-hole 兔子洞
︎︎︎metamorphosis 变形者

︎︎︎3M studio 3M工作室
︎︎︎kudos 有赞商店

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[recent works - photography]

︎︎︎auxiliary line 辅助线
︎︎︎margin of error 试错空间
︎︎︎slide time 滑梯时间
︎︎︎parade 巡游
︎︎︎exit 出口
︎︎︎fractal 分形,分形
︎︎︎twdntk 不用知道的事

[not so recent]

︎︎︎dot-com 点阵
︎︎︎anti-clockwise 逆时针行者
︎︎︎grid. web. mesh. 网.网.网.
︎︎︎unfold 目之所及
︎︎︎living image 静态动图
︎︎︎a chase 追逐
︎︎︎spell casting 咒语日夜

[side b]

︎︎︎backstage 后台
︎︎︎recycle bin 回收站
︎︎︎burst in 是谁闯入

Test Project
12. 2021

In this project, we were asked to amplify ourselves, to demonstrate our gradually shrinking physical presence due to the pandemic and the increase in online activities. I tried to magnify my eyes using different methods, to observe my eyes, and my other facial features, to notice their uniqueness. It was the first time I really examined my own face. The face, as our most direct representation to the world, is sometimes overemphasized and at other times overlooked.



I tried using a famous quote from "Ghost in the Shell" to showcase an individual's contemplation on self-existence. Why am I me? Is it my hardware that determines me? Or is it the external perceptions projected onto me that define me? The movie provided its idea, stating, "When I was a child, I was a child, when I become old, I will be old, when I am an adult, I will let go of some of my childishness." Perhaps the moment you decide what you want to be, that's what you become.

我试图借用《攻壳机动队》的名台词来展现一个人对于自我存在的思考。我为何是我?是我的硬件决定了我?还是投射向我的外在决定着我?电影给出了它的想法,他说:“我是孩子时我就是孩子,我是老人时我就成为老人,我是成人时,我会放弃一部分的童稚。” 也许当下一刻你决定成为什么,你就是什么。


“a x s (i +l) = d”
( a = action / intervention, s = site of existence, i = idea, l = location and d = design). 

*collage *illustration *design practice reflection


Text from Ghost in the Shell